Danny Russo and his sought-after team at Daniel Russo Home have secured the trust and loyalty of clients around the country by prioritizing their needs, translating their lifestyles into designs, and involving them in every step of his creative process. Russo’s award-winning work reflects his design philosophy that “anyone can design a space, but only a designer can make a space magical.”

Russo achieves his goal to create cohesive environments with synergy and flow—not spaces in which one piece or room outshines the rest—by approaching his design projects from a holistic point of view. “If done well,” says Russo, “design should evoke emotion. As designers, part of our job is to tell a story, creating unifying spaces that reflect and accommodate each unique personality and lifestyle.”


Danny Russo Designs


Creative Director // Principal Designer

A social media influencer, Russo is part of the first all-digital generation of designers and is well-versed in today’s design technology and applications. He understands the balance between incorporating upcoming trends and a timeless perspective throughout all his designs—from space planning and lighting selection to material usage and variety. Russo’s compositions strike the perfect cord:  his work is just enough risky and just enough safe to stand the test of time while remaining both fresh, bespoke, and innovative.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Russo is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and brings more than 20 years of experience to each of his projects. His designs have been published in numerous print publications and his work has been exhibited at the Columbus Museum of Art and the Columbus Center for Science and Technology. Russo is also a regular contributor on regional TV programs. He is a featured designer on the newly-launched network, Home Design Television.


// Collaborative Designer

Elisa Christine would tell you that her personal design aesthetic is inspired by a combination of modern, natural elements – infused with edge and romantic details. With a degree and a history of working in the field of construction, Elisa creates a wide variety of designs and styles based on her clients' desires. Since 2012 Elisa has been featured in the Post Courier, Charleston Home + Design Magazine, and in the Charleston Symphony Show House (CSOL).



Bridgette Rothe
//Project Manager 

From a young age Bridgette has had an artful eye and a love for the natural beauty of the world. She is highly detailed oriented with functionality and balance while keeping the client updated and included in their project. Bridgette is highly effective a working with all of the different elements involved in a project is a dedicated team member. She truly enjoys spending time with family and friends. 

// Office Manager

As a gifted yoga instructor and loving mother, Amy brings a calming organization to the Daniel Russo Home office. She graces the team with peace and keeps all projects on track. Amy has a love for the Earth and ensures that Daniel Russo Home maintains eco-friendly ethical practices. 



Meghan McIvor
Kitchen // Bath Designer

Interior Design has been Megan's passion almost her whole life. She is gifted in space planning and has the ability to translate clients’ desires and ideas from their words into beautiful, functional spaces. Megan has experience using multiple drawing and rendering software and keen attention to detail that makes kitchen and bath designing her favorite part of her job. Whether it's new construction or breathing new life into an older room or home, Megan loves every transformation. Megan enjoys kitchen and bath design and the opportunity to assist clients in creating their own personal style in any room.

2021 City's Best Awards Winner  10 Best Interior Designers