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Even when clients are ready to tackle their interior projects, it’s common to still have a few questions.
In the FAQ section, Russo answers many of the most common design inquiries and clears up frequent misconceptions. Russo and his team ensure a professional, turn-key experience and complete,
well-planned design concepts—from the initial consultation to the final installation.

  • When should I begin working with a designer?
    The best time to start collaborating with a designer is as early as when you begin a home search or during the homebuilding process. The more lead time we have, the better. Our preference is to allow ample time for a thoughtful decision-making process, including what furniture you’ll keep and what pieces you will need to purchase.
  • Will you work alongside my architect and/or builder?
    ABSOLUTELY! We prefer to be involved in the selection processes. When we collaborate with your contractors, we’re able to produce cohesive final design proposals and our clients can take their time as key decisions are made—factors that can also save money in the long run.
  • What should I expect when working with you?

    Our process includes a step-by-step timeline, designed to understand your project and maintain regular communication as we discuss ideas, direction, and decisions together.

    1. First things first: a one-on-one consultation is scheduled to discuss goals, needs, and lifestyle.
    2. Clients receive detailed renderings and proposed design concepts.
    3. Design and contractor budgets are presented.
    4. Design development—the fun part! We put together furniture selections, lighting options, accessories, and art suggestions, etc.
    5. Design details are finalized.
    6. All orders are placed.
    7. Clients receive regular updates with progress and projected installation dates.
    8. Final pieces and details are installed.
  • What guarantees do you provide?
    Our goal at Daniel Russo Home is to surpass our clients’ expectations. We also provide warranties for each product purchased.
  • What value will you bring to my project?
    Professional designers give their clients unique access to trusted tradespeople and brands that are not otherwise offered to the public. Additionally, the relationships we have secured with vendors allows us to take advantage of special pricing that is only available through a licensed designer. Most importantly, designers offer the knowledge and expertise required to properly plan for each space and choose pieces designed to perfectly complete a room—so your project is completed the right way, the first time.
  • What is your fee structure? How do you charge?
    Each project varies somewhat, depending on the size and scale of the design strategy. Once we determine the project scope, we deliver a detailed fee estimate.
  • Do you work with a team of contractors?
    We maintain established, trusted relationships with talented contractors and tradespeople in the business, many of whom we’ve worked alongside for years. We determine and hire each contractor team based on your project’s specific needs.
  • Is your design firm insured?
    We carry a detailed insurance policy—something we’ve offered our clients for more than a decade.
  • Do you use contracts for each project?
    Yes, we utilize detailed contracts that include the details for each specific design project.